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The most-watched Netflix movies of all time
We list the most-viewed English-language and non-English-language Netflix movies ever.

While it’s not as straightforward as working out how much money a movie has made at the box office, Netflix has often tinkered with its ranking data to work out which movies and TV shows are the most popular on the streaming service.

The top ten most-viewed chart changes daily based on the country you’re watching Netflix in, but you might be wondering what is the most-watched Netflix movie of all time worldwide. We’re talking specifically about Netflix Original movies, as Netflix doesn’t include non-original movies in its overall top ten.

In June 2023, Netflix updated its rankings by adding ‘views’ alongside ‘hours viewed’, with the ‘views’ being worked out by the total time spent watching a movie divided by the runtime of a movie. It’s not specific to people but to accounts, so even if four people are watching a movie on the same account, it counts for only one view.

Simple, right? It’s all we’ve got at the moment.

So with that in mind, here are the top ten most-watched Netflix movies, both English-language and non-English language, of all time which is based on a movie’s first 91 days of release. (Whether you consider them the best Netflix movies is another matter entirely, though.)

All data is accurate as of June 9, 2024 and we’ll update every week when Netflix releases its latest data, as well as including the latest top ten for the week just gone.

Most-watched Netflix movies: June 3-9, 2024
berenice bejo, under paris movie stillNetflix
Before we get to the most-watched Netflix movies of all time, let’s start with the top ten most popular movies of the past week.

Hit Man debuted top of the most-watched English-language chart, while French shark offering Under Paris opened top of the most-watched non-English language chart – as well as being the most-watched movie overall.

Most-watched English language movies

1. Hit Man – 10.8 million views
2. Atlas – 8.9 million views
3. Ice Age: Collision Course – 4.8 million views
4. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – 4.1 million views
5. Home – 3.6 million views
6. Mother of the Bride – 3.5 million views
7. Sing 2 – 3.4 million views
8. Real Steel – 3.3 million views
9. The Lego Movie – 3.2 million views
10. How to Rob a Bank – 3.1 million views

Most-watched non-English language movies

1. Under Paris – 40.9 million views
2. Godzilla Minus One – 14.9 million views
3. Colors of Evil: Red – 14.6 million views
4. Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura – 6.8 million views
5. The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance – 5.5 million views
6. Bionic – 3.7 million views
7. Bade Miyan Chote Miyan – 2.9 million views
8. A Part of You – 2.7 million views
9. Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 – 2.7 million views
10. Crew – 2.4 million views

Ryan Reynolds has two movies in the current most popular list, and even Chris Evans does if you count his uncredited cameo in Don’t Look Up.

But you’ve also got major movies from Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot and Jennifer Lopez among the most-watched list.

Millie Bobby Brown’s fantasy movie Damsel is the latest movie to break into the all-time top ten, knocking Extraction out of the rankings.

10. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)
daniel craig, glass onion a knives out mysteryNetflix
Hours viewed: 320.3 million
Views: 136.3 million

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9. The Mother (2023)
jennifer lopez, the motherNetflix
Hours viewed: 265.9 million
Views: 136.4 million

8. We Can Be Heroes (2020)
we can be heroes, vivien blair as guppy, isaiah russell bailey as rewind, lotus blossom as a capella, yaya gosselin as missy moreno, akira akbar as fast forward, hala finley as ojo, dylan henry lau as slo mo cr ryan greenRyan Green//Netflix
Hours viewed: 231.2 million
Views: 137.3 million

7. Damsel (2024)
millie bobby brown as elodie, damselNetflix
Hours viewed: 253 million
Views: 138 million

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6. The Gray Man (2022)
chris evans as lloyd hansen in a scene from netflix movie the gray manPaul Abell//Netflix
Hours viewed: 299.5 million
Views: 139.3 million

5. Leave the World Behind (2023)
mahershela ali, myhala herrold, julia roberts, ethan hawke in netflix’s leave the world behindNetflix
Hours viewed: 339.3 million
Views: 143.4 million

4. Bird Box (2018)
bird box, sandra bullock, bird box netflixMerrick Morton//Netflix
Hours viewed: 325.3 million
Views: 157.4 million

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3. The Adam Project (2022)
ryan reynolds in netflix’s the adam project@VancityReynolds//Twitter
Hours viewed: 281 million
Views: 157.6 million

2. Don’t Look Up (2021)
leonardo dicaprio and jennifer lawrence in don’t look upNIKO TAVERNISE//Netflix
Hours viewed: 408.6 million
Views: 171.4 million

1. Red Notice (2021)
dwayne johnson as fbi agent john hartley, ryan reynolds as art thief nolan booth, gal gadot as art thief the bishop, red noticeFrank Masi//Netflix
Hours viewed: 454.2 million
Views: 230.9 million

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Most-watched non-English language Netflix movies of all time
Where the English-language top ten is dominated by action movies, the most popular non-English language outings are more genre-based.

You’ve got some horrors in there, some thrillers and one multi-award-winning war epic among the most-watched foreign-language Netflix movies to date.

Society of the Snow is the newest movie on this list, but didn’t have enough in the tank to overtake Troll as the most-watched non-English language movie ever.

10. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)
felix kammerer, all quiet on the western frontNetflix
Hours viewed: 129.4 million
Views: 52.1 million

9. Black Crab (2022)
noomi rapace, black crabNetflix
Hours viewed: 103.3 million
Views: 53.9 million

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8. My Name Is Vendetta (2022)
alessandro gassmann as santo, ginevra francesconi as sofia in my name is vendettaNetflix
Hours viewed: 86.5 million
Views: 56.4 million

7. Blood Red Sky (2021)
blood red skyNetflix
Hours viewed: 124.8 million
Views: 60.9 million

6. AKA (2023)
akaNicolas Auproux//Netflix
Hours viewed: 125.9 million
Views: 60.9 million

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5. Through My Window (2022)
clara galle, eric masip, through my windowNetflix
Hours viewed: 116 million
Views: 61.1 million

4. The Platform (2019)
the platform, netflix filmNetflix
Hours viewed: 129.7 million
Views: 82.8 million

3. Nowhere (2023)
anna castillo nowhereNetflix
Hours viewed: 155.6 million
Views: 85.7 million

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2. Society of the Snow (2023)
enzo vogrincic, society of the snowNetflix
Hours viewed: 239.7 million
Views: 98.5 million

1. Troll (2022)
Hours viewed: 178.6 million
Views: 103 million

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